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Girl Scouts
Adult Parties
Looking to host a special event?  SplatterBox is NOT just for kids! We have a great event space for just about anything! 
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Looking to earn a few badges OR use your cookie money for an end of the year party? Well - we've got you covered! 


Product Designer
Book Artist
Comic Artist

$22 per person

Cookie pARTy!!!

We've had some AMAZING end of the year cookie parties - what a wonderful way to celebrate all their hard work selling! 

Check out our birthday page for pricing and deduct $100 for the GirlScout discount because 
we LOVE this awesome program! 
Parade Banner:

Need help making a banner for the parade? Come & make it with us! Let us know the theme and we will help you design, prep & purchase all the materials need to make a statement at the parade!

$18 per person
Bring on the adults! We're all just big kids at heART...right??? Whether you're celebrating a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, reunion or just about anything you can dream up - come celebrate with us! We'll work hard to plan and make sure everything goes off without a hitch! Whether we're painting on canvas or painting a piece of pottery, we'll make your event one to remember. 
Adult Parties
-Bridal Shower
-Baby Shower
-Girls Night

Girls Scouts

Corporate / Team Building

How Does An sBox Party Work???

Give us a call @ 203.349.5508 to book your date and time :)

How Does The Pricing Work? 
We Require A $100 Deposit When Booking Your Party. 
WE DO NOT Take Payment Online - We Accept A Personal Check OR 

Please Give Us A Call Or Feel Free To Stop In!
Party Minimum = 10 people Per Person $40

Corporate / Team Building
You pick a painting from over 2,000 choices or we can create a painting that is specific to your company. Each person recreates the masterpiece and incorporates color and shapes that represent their personality. We include facts, stats and fun tid-bits about the history and dynamics of the company. Employees work together to answer the questions and are rewarded for their knowledge, creativity and attitude!

Start off with an ART-Breaker demonstrating that “limitations” and “quirky personality traits” are part of a team. The team has fun through art to overcome those obstacles. Then, each person is given a canvas and they are taught, step by step how to finish their work of art. Without knowing, they are creating and choosing color and shapes that reflect their personalities and work habits. At the end, the final product is displayed together to show that individuality is what makes the “whole” business work. 

This activity takes “thinking out of the box” to the next level. First we start with an ART-Breaker listed in Package TWO. Then, the group is divided into mini-breakouts where they will work together as teams. Their canvas will be ONE part of the Puzzle. It’s impossible to know the final result and through the art class, questions about each other and the business are discussed and answered. Awards are given for variety of reasons from correct answers, to the most off-the-wall participation. The final product is then placed together for a mural sized mind-blowing masterpiece. This package and the painting can be custom on many levels to incorporate the business, department goals or simply an appreciation for the master artists in history that have helped us discover the Pieces to the Puzzle and the diversity of the path and process to reach success.​