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We have been bringing our kids here for classes since it opened! We LOVE Kristen +  Erik - and all the amazing art the kids create! I highly recommend it! - Kimberly, B.

Our three children ages, 6, 3 and 11 all love SplatterBox! It's a great creative space for the family! - Elise Zealand, Westport

Very nice and awesome. - Olivia : Age 6

SplatterBox ROCKED for our twins 4th birthday! xo - Rachel & Neil Cohn

I love your artwork, it is beautiful and should be in a museum. I <3 SplatterBox! - Madison : Age 10

" Mommy I love this place! I want to come here all the time! " - Julia : Age 3

Dear Kristen & Erik, Since SplatterBox opened I knew it would be a big success! And guess what - it is! I told all of my friends about SplatterBox and they said they were definitely going to have their B-Day there! - Nicole : Age 11

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