F A Q ' s

*Q: Where are you located?
*A: Our address is 1246 Post Road East UPSTAIRS, Westport - The door is located to the left of Fortuna's Deli in the front of the plaza. We're right at the top of the stairs.

*Q: What are your hours?
*A: We are now open for Private Camps, Private Parties & Events! We do not have anything scheduled during the week other than pop-up workshops / classes and scheduled events. 

*Q: Do you run camp on days off of school / Holidays?
*A: Yes. We follow the Westport Public School calendar the best we can :)



*Q: How much does a birthday party cost?
*A: Our parties start at $450 for 10 kids (includes the birthday child) and $25 for each additional. Our deposit is $200.00 to book your date and time.

*Q: How long and when are your parties?
*A: Our parties are an hour and a half long (that includes crafting and eating) & held on Friday's after school 4-5:30 OR 4:30-6 /// Saturdays 10:30-12, 1-2:30 or 3:30-5 // Sundays 10:30-12, 1-2:30 or 3:30-5

*Q: What is your cancellation policy?
*A: We'll do everything in our power to reschedule your event do to a weather related event or COVID / FLU / Other Sickness. 

*Q: What is your maximum number of kids?
*A: Our MAX is 20 kiddos - Please inquire about more. Thanks!

*Q: Do we pay the full balance before the party?
*A: No. We'll do a headcount at the party, if you lose kids leading up or even on the day of the party - we understand! We will not charge you for those kiddos after the initial 10. After the party - we'll send an invoice through our booking software Sawyer.

*Q: What if we don't have 10 kids - do you still charge the same price?
*A: Yes. We'll make it up to you with extra activities and add-ons.

*Q: What’s included with the party package?
*A: We’ll have all the tablecloths, plates, napkins, silverware, candles, lighter, knife to cut the cake, balloons, streamers, silver ‘happy birthday’ balloons, music and light up marquee sign! 🎈

*Q: When will you be in-touch about our upcoming party?
*A: Because our weekends are almost always fully booked - we'll reach out to go over all the details the MONDAY before your party - but please don't hesitate to contact with questions! 

*Q: Is there a glow dance party at every party?
*A: Yes! If you have a specific song you know your kiddo would like to dance to, just let us know ahead of time :)

*Q: Do you provide Goodie Bags? 
*A: We do! We have a few different options :) You can find them right on our Birthday page! 

*Q: Can I bring my own decorations?
*A: Yes! But please keep in mind, our space is very bright and colorful and decorated in a colorful theme. 

*Q: Any other popular add-on's?
*A: Yes! We have a game called Pop,Pop,Pop - our take on a piñata. They are balloons filled with 2-4 pieces of candy. Each balloon is $2  

*Q: How early can we show up to our party?
*A: We recommend 10 - 15 minutes. 

*Q: What pizza place do you recommend?
*A: We recommend Angelina’s : here is their phone number : (203) 227-0865 : We recommend cutting the pizza into kid slices 16 vs 8 pieces and delivered 45
minutes into the party. Angelina's also has great pasta dishes, chicken nuggets & fries to change it up.

*Q: Can we bring an ice cream cake & do you have a freezer?
*A: Yes. We have a freezer. There is even an Ice Cream Store below our location. Gofer Ice Cream - they make awesome cakes! : (203) 292-3204

*Q: Are parties drop-off?
*A: Yes. Our space is limited!!! If parents plan to stay, we have a room with a window they can view the party through during the crafting portion of the party. Or - we can leave it as a glow room - parents have coined it 'Club sBox'.

*Q: Can we bring adult beverages to our party & food for the adults?
*A: Yes. If needed, there is a liquor store in our plaza : Green's Farms Liquor 

*Q: Do you have an elevator?
*A: No. Sorry about that! 

*Q: Do you recommend doing food & cake?
*A: That's totally up to you :) We're happy to distribute anything you would like to bring in. Popular options have been : Pizza & Cake // Snack & Cake // OR even just Cake. We just like to know for our timing purposes.


We hope this helped, and we’ll be in touch soon! :)

***If you have an URGENT question, please text Kristen's cell (we no longer
have a landline - (860.510.3633) and we'll get back to you ASAP 


Please let us know how else we can help!!!

-Kristen & Erik
est. 2011